Husband does not show love, I have to get; Complaint of actress Nitya Das

Namiman Antal is a reality show that has gained attention in a very short span of time. Many stars have reached this point so far. The show talks about family life. The visiting stars also share their life experiences. Actress Nitya Das is also active in the show. Now a video of an open conversation at the venue is going viral.

Father Joseph Puthan Purakkal is well known to the audience through social media and other television shows. He was also seen as a guest in the show. It was here that Nitya Das asked him about one of his doubts about married life.

Here’s something not many show, love. None of them show love to their wives. I am the kind of person who likes to be shown love. But the husband will not show it. However, the duty to be done will be followed. But a wife wants him to get the love he deserves. Nithya’s question was whether it is wrong papa.

Make no mistake, what is needed in married life is the expression of mutual love. But some men are full of love inside and don’t know how to express it. Many men are like coconuts. Chekri outside, chiratta inside. If you break all these and go inside, you will get milky coconut and coconut water. Just like that, a wife must learn to break through the cracks and enter with love. Father Joseph replied that the coconut and water hidden in them would slowly come to his wife when she learns.

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