How many children will be lucky enough to attend their own mother’s wedding? But according to the story Mridula and Yuvakrishna’s daughter got that fortune

Devi Chandana is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Although the actor’s recognition comes through the television sector, the actor has played minor and major roles in several films. Not only does the actor have his own YouTube channel, but through this the actor shares every little detail of his life with his fans, and fans are eagerly accepting it all. Now his latest video is being seen. The actor has taken this video from the location of serial Rani Raja.

The character of Devi Chandra’s son gets married. Meanwhile Devi Chandana is introducing another guest who has come to the wedding. It is none other than Mridula’s daughter Dhvani. Dhvani Mol has come to attend her own mother’s wedding. Devi Chandana jokes that she can no longer ask the question of where I went to her mother’s wedding.

On the other hand, Devi Chandana says that usually mothers with children are very tense to bring their children on the set and this tension is not necessary in the case of Dhvani Mol. She will go with anyone and will not cry at all. Devi Chandana says that she cries only when she is hungry and sleepy.

Meanwhile, Devi Chandana says that Mridula’s mother is taking care of all the matters of the child on the sets. Mridula’s mother looks after and manages everything without making Mridula feel any difficulty. Devi Chandana says that almost everyone in the location has Taraat songs in their phones to lull the sound. Devi Chandana jokes that a song called ‘Aru Kalu Mevu’ is now played by everyone at the location and no one wants Dasetan’s song anymore.

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