How did film stars join the membership list of the Muslim League? this is what happened behind the scenes

The Muslim League is one of the most preferred parties of the Malayalees. They claim to be a national party. But all their activities are concentrated in Malappuram. He has rank all over India. However, they have the highest rank in Kozhikode and Malappuram districts. It is also a Malabar based political party.

The next day a discrepancy was found in his membership list. A few more film stars entered its membership list. One’s name was Mammootty. The name of the other person was Asif Ali. But both of them do not actually have any membership of the Muslim League. It featured stars from Malayalam cinema as well as Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan’s name was found in the list.

It is said that the names of many actresses including Mia Khalifa have been found in it. It is understood that the league leadership has started an investigation into the incident. Meanwhile how did it materialize? Correct information can be given only after investigation, but the preliminary report is coming out now.

In the notification issued by the party, it has been said that those wishing to join the Muslim League party should register online. For this, he demanded that the name, Aadhaar card and voter ID be uploaded on the site. When their IT department working in Kozhikode investigated, the names of the film stars were revealed. Membership distribution is done directly by party members. But where the rank is low, it is done online only. When this was done it is said that some winners would have canceled membership in the name of such stars.