“His father was not even born when I came into the film,” Mukesh quipped, “You mean Ashwant Koke?” here are the viral words

Mukesh is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He has been an active presence in Malayalam cinema for the past several decades. He has played many wonderful roles as a hero and a supporting actor. His latest film is Oh My Darling. Not only did the film receive average reviews, but many online reviews gave very bad reviews against the film. Now Mukesh is talking about this.

“When we hear that it is all about freedom of expression, we feel it is right. But the hard work that the producers, actors and directors have put in to make the film is immense. When the first show ends, people who have nothing to do with it come and say it’s not good, don’t watch it. What kind of freedom of expression is this? Are everyone else fools?” – asks Mukesh.

“Some say the scenes between Mukesh and Leena make them sad, the comedy makes them cry, and some say they laugh when they are told to cry. When I came to cinema His father was not even born. Now I have the authority and seniority to say after a scene what is wrong with it. But he is making fun of small kids too. The problem is he doesn’t get what he wants Deserves” – says Mukesh.

“In the past, when an event was presented abroad, there was a system of paying some journalists and radio personalities to speak well of it. Sponsors of the event would give like this. Sponsors will say take it and eat it. Its new version are today’s online reviewers. They don’t talk about story and film. They are only looking for what crime to find” – said Mukesh. Meanwhile, the Kerala community is now asking whether Mukesh Ashwath is talking about Coke. Coke fans say that if it is about Coke, then we fans will be shaken.

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