Hindu Mother, Christian Father – Guess Which Religion Chandra And Toshin’s Son Will Adopt? Malayalam audience said that stars and best role models said that the matter was pre-arranged before the marriage

Chandra Laxman is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Her husband is Tosh Christie. Both of them are becoming favorite stars of Malayalam through serial sector. Both had been married for two years. The two meet on the sets of their respective series Sujata and later become friends, this friendship turns into love and this love turns into marriage.

Last October a boy was born to them. After the birth of the son, the actor shares every little thing related to his son with the fans. Not only does he have his own YouTube channel, but he also shares all the details of his life with his fans. Now the things said in his latest interview are being looked into. Things said by him in an interview given on IndiaGlitz channel are now being noticed.

“We had a customized wedding. We both are followers of two religions. The ceremonies were conducted based on the beliefs of both of us. We didn’t think of making a better model without any caste and religious belief. We both have the same background. No need to change it for anything else. Just respect each other. Chantu and I had our own beliefs then and now. We have given each other space for this” – says Chandra.

“Marriage is never between religions, it is between individuals. There will be more such marriages in the future. The most important thing is to respect each other. We have decided our son’s religion as well. He should be educated in both the religions. When he grows up, let him take his own decision. This is something that was decided when we talked about marriage in the house,” Chandra said.

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