He’s fired, and Lizzo hasn’t left the set; Mammootty on Jayasuriya’s revelations

He’s fired, and Lizzo hasn’t left the set; Mammootty on Jayasuriya’s revelations

Jayasuriya had earlier shared the incident of him walking out of the sets after watching Mammootty’s performance during the shoot of Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Naan Pagal Neerth Mayakam.

‘The biggest feature of Mamuka is that if Mamuka cries, we also cry. I have experienced this myself. There was even a moment when I cried while acting in a film with him. During the filming of Naan Pagal Kedi Mayakkam, Lijo and colleague Tinnu Pappachan walked out while shooting a scene. Mamuka was still performing. After that, Mamuka asked where Lijo had gone, then he went to Lijo and asked him ‘why he didn’t like my performance’. Lijo said Mamuka I got very emotional,’ Jayasuriya said.

Mammootty answered this in an interview given to the media under the promotion of Naan Pakal. Mammootty said that what Jayasuriya said was too much.

‘Some are burnt, not much. It is like this, it will increase if you listen. It happened like this. In such a situation there was no need to go to find Lijo, everyone seemed a little emotional. I am afraid that I will become glycerin now,’ Mammootty said.

Malayalam cinema is widely talked about actor Mammootty when the presenter said, “Why can’t you make me laugh, but then I’m going to retire?” Mammootty said. Do you get angry when I get angry? Mammootty said, “Don’t hang on to anything, I won’t get it.”

Naan Pagal will release on January 19. The film also stars Ashokan, Ramya Pandian, Ashwanth Ashok Kumar, Girish Perinchiri, Sanjana Deepu, etc. in other important roles.

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