Here serial star Anshita jumped into the well

Ansheeda is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Her full name is Anshida Akbar Shah. Maybe they don’t understand this name. But if you say he “Where are you?” The actress who plays Suriya in the series, you will instantly understand her. Because this series is very much liked by Malayalees. Not only this series but all its characters are loved by Malayalees.

Anishita remains very active on social media. The actor shares all his new features with his fans. The latest video shared by the actress is now making headlines. The video shows the actor jumping into a well. Another person is jumping into the well along with the actress. Do you know who that is?

His name is Arnav. He is one of the famous stars in Tamil serial industry. Anshita is currently acting in Tamil as well. He is the actor who plays the central role in the Tamil serial in which he is acting. Both are now in the well. It is learned that both had jumped into the well in order to shoot.

Also, he clearly says that she jumped into the water believing him and it was really unbelievable and it is commendable and no one should face such a situation. Both say that they jumped into the well after following all the safety measures. Many people have now come forward praising the extraordinary courage of the actress.

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