Heard what Shakeela said about Dilip? a clause on what entitles you to such a claim

Shakeela is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. By acting in B-grade films, he can grab the attention of Malayalees. Shakeela was once one of the most famous names. Apart from Malayalam, he made a splash in all the languages โ€‹โ€‹of India. He was truly an all India star.

While recently attended a public event. He went to Vennala Thakkad Sree Mahadeva Temple on the occasion of Sivarathri. He was the chief guest at their event. He said that he is very happy to participate in the program. They received it from the temple in large numbers.

At the same time, his latest interview is now making headlines. His interview on YouTube channel Milestone Makers is now becoming a topic of discussion. The words he said about Dileep in this interview are not only being noticed, many people are now criticizing him as well.

I want to work with Dileep. I wish to play a good role with her, even if not as a heroine. After watching his film Chanthupot, I had a desire. I am not saying this for her personal matters.” – says Shakeela. While there, a section of the audience asks what right do you have to say so. Also the audience is saying that she is an actress and people who have never Used to enjoy watching her movies they are now criticizing her and such people have no qualms to criticize her and her right is that she is an actress.

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