He started calling me you. Mammootty called me in the caravan and asked me; TG Ravi says

Kochi: Mammootty is the megastar of Malayalam. Mammootty is cocky There is a general hype about Mammootty.

But those who know Mammootty dismiss this. Those who know Mammootty say that such campaigns are being run by people who have never met Mammootty.

Now actor TG Ravi’s talk about Mammootty is being seen on social media. TG Ravi says that Mammootty is such an actor who is not ready to make any change in his friendship even after years.

Mammootty’s experience shared by TG Ravi in ​​an interview with an online channel called Kan Channel Media is going viral.

I worked with Mammootty in The Priest. One day Mammootty called me to the caravan.

Chenna immediately asked if he was the boss and started addressing me as you. I said, “Before leaving this film, we had acted together for some time, and we were talking about ‘Ato Than’. Used to do.”

But ‘where I stand today, you are way above me. Especially in front of people. I didn’t call you that because I thought it wasn’t right to call you Ado or Tan when they were all standing.”

Then Mammootty laughed. TG Ravi said that this is a great learning for me.

If he had to ask this, Puli must have felt that something had changed from the past friendship. TG Ravi says that this question has increased my friendship with him.

Meanwhile, Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Naanpakal is Nereth Mammootty’s new film which is gearing up for release.