He reached here only because of Anna’s support, many people hurt him; Anushree said openly

Anushree is one such actress who entered through a reality show. Later, by the time she closed her eyes, Anushree managed to become a renowned actress in Malayalam cinema. The actress has often talked about her film career. Anushree unexpectedly entered the world of acting. There was a lot of protest when Desi girl Anushree entered the cinema. Why was there any objection from the family also? But at that time only the actress’ own brother was standing with Anushree.

Chetan is the only person who supported him in his film career. Anna’s words were that if that’s what she wanted then go and mother would go with her. Anushree says that she has reached here with the help of one of her people. Relatives, friends, locals and everyone said a lot after reaching the cinema hall. Many have been postponed. When I go to him, my face is turned away.

That’s all there is in my mind. They came up to me afterwards and laughed and talked. Once a show was organized in the country. Anushree said that I have told everything about the pain I felt there.

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