He laughs at them at first to avoid getting beaten up; Apsara told her condition, the fans asked, is it not so difficult?

Apsara Rathanakaran is a well-known star for the Malayalam miniscreen audience. Actor who has acted in many serials is getting attention by playing negative character

Jayanthi’s negative shade character in ‘Santhwana’ was noticed a lot.

Apsara brought Jayanthi to the screen with a bit of villainy and no less jealousy.

But the actress is openly talking about the plight she faced while going out due to acting in the series.

The actress said this in response to a question from her fans. The actress is married to actor and director Alby. Both of them are active on YouTube channel after marriage. Apsara answered the questions of the audience through this channel.

The question of the fans was whether the viewers make negative comments about Jayanthi in the serial Santavanam.

Apsara says when she goes out people gather and accuse her and she laughs at them first to avoid getting beaten up. The actress says that they return with selfies.

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