He hasn’t even left my mole alone, he’s been searching and attacking women around me – Praveena has been narrating her ordeal for the past three years.

Praveena is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actress is shining as an actress and dubbing artist. Now the actor is also very active in the serial field. As the actress is very active in Tamil serials as well, she has many fans in Tamil Nadu as well as in Kerala.

The actor says he has been introducing himself and his family through social media since three years when he was young. In this regard, the actor had lodged a complaint with the cyber cell. He says that he is morphing her pictures into nude pictures and sending them to his friends. Following his complaint, the police arrested a native of Tamil Nadu.

The police have arrested a person named Bhagyaraj. He is only 23 years old. He is a student of computer science in Delhi. The actor also says that several pictures have been found from his laptop. The court has sent him on remand for three months. But he was released on bail after a month.

Actress Praveena says that now he is taking revenge on her. He has created more than 100 fake accounts on social media. Praveena says that she does not even leave her mole alone. Praveena says he is searching and attacking women around him and sending morphed pictures to everyone.

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