He got mad at me for it, and I never contacted the friend again; priceless

The news of serial actress Anu’s marriage often comes on social media. Once the news of marriage was spread by putting a photo of the friend of the actress. But Anmol says it has become a big problem. He took the news coolly but his friend didn’t see it that way. Then Anmol came live and told the truth.

There was uproar in the house after the news came. Called the relatives and told them. None of us knew about Anu’s marriage, so what happened to that boy?

I was told to go live on Instagram or Facebook and tell about it. Puli called my house and told me. We should not ruin anyone’s life. So I went live and then I interviewed everyone.

I never contacted that friend again. It was a good friend. Should have taken it in the same spirit. Instead it got hot for me. Anu said that it was something that made me very sad.




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