He entered cinema at a young age and acted as hero in many films, yet Mukesh could not become a superstar, know why? it’s an interesting story

Mukesh is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. He has been an active presence in Malayalam cinema for the past few decades. He has worked as a hero in many films. The film starring him in the lead is the longest running film in the history of Malayalam cinema. He played the central character in the film Godfather, which became a part of the history of Malayalam cinema.


Mukesh entered cinema at a very young age. He has worked as a hero in many films. But he could not become a superstar. Mukesh says that many people have asked him about this. The actor said that people including my children have asked about this. Now Mukesh is answering this question.

“Many people have asked me one thing. Why didn’t you become a superstar? My children have also asked this question. The answer is that it is a different gene. I don’t have that” – says Mukesh.

“When I take up any work, I try to do it with utmost sincerity. I will try my best to change that.” – says Mukesh. Malayali says he had a huge fan base between the 90s and 2000s. Malayali says if there were five-six more films like Godfather, Mukesh’s head would have been Would have changed. Similarly, Mohanlal is the star who rose to superstar status with a single film called Son of Raja. If such a film was made, Malayalees are now thinking that Mukesh too would have been a superstar.