He and I are not legally married, it’s all his family’s plan, it’s like living dead now – Vishnu rejects Anushree’s arguments, actor reacts months later

Anushree is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is one of those stars who saw through the serial territory. Her husband was Vishnu. He is a person working in serial field. Both were in love. But when the girl’s family opposed it, both of them eloped and got married. Anushree soon became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. Son’s name is Aarav. The son is now growing up with Anushree’s family.

Meanwhile, Anushree had already come out with her allegations against Vishnu. But Vishnu did not give any answer to this. Now months later, Vishnu has responded to Anushree’s allegations. Vishnu has now replied through his friend’s YouTube channel. Friend’s YouTube channel name is Kiran Lucky.

“I thought not to say anything. But the person on the other side is being as silent as he is torturing me. To be honest, there was no fight between me and him. His mother told him to take her home when she would be pregnant. This ceremony usually takes place in the seventh month.

But in the fifth month his family came with this demand. Then he said that he should take his daughter. On asking, she also started taking interest. But I really didn’t want to leave him” – says Vishnu.

“I knew this would happen after he left. Her relatives took her to their home after dressing her in saree. He brought a black saree. For the first time I saw a pregnant woman being taken home wearing a black saree.

After some time he asked me to come and stay at his house. So I went and stayed there for two days. Anushree said if we stay here they will separate us. That’s how I took him to Ernakulam for the shoot” – says Vishnu.

“Then his mother called him and tortured him a lot. This is how she later moved in with her mother. Mother killed a few cents. But I didn’t want to leave him. His mom and I don’t talk much. When Anushree was admitted to the hospital, they shifted her to another hospital saying that the facilities in the hospital were inadequate.

There was no problem even after delivery. She went to her house. I stayed there for two days. After two days, her mother said that she could no longer live there and that the neighbors would say too much. Vishnu said, “I do not understand what is the problem of her husband living with his wife.”

“His mother said that no one from my house should come and see the child. It was said that no one should come until the ritual of tying the thread is completed. Later I called him but he did not pick up. Everything was planned by his family. What’s more, he and I are not legally married. If you get married in a normal temple, they will give you a lot.

If you show later, you will get the marriage certificate. We were married at the Avanangad temple in Thrissur. He hasn’t given much. There was a fast. That’s why he was tied there. When the child’s thread was finished, he said that he should go with me. But the family said no” – says Vishnu.

Vishnu said that they are accusing him and his family who have not done anything wrong. Vishnu says maybe his family is above us financially but that is no reason to blame.

Vishnu said that now it is like living dead. Vishnu also says that Anushree’s parents are divorced. So Vishnu now remembers that Anushree used to say many times that no matter how many problems come between us, we should never separate for the sake of our child.

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