Have you seen the current changes in the Uppam Mulukum series? Now viewers are saying that it has more pinky twists than the Kanner series.

Uppum Mulukum is one of the favorite serials of Malayalees. The series airs on Phool TV. Whereas this series was a big revolution in Malayalam channels, which used to air only Kanneer series. It was a series that made you laugh and make you think a lot. The series has many fans.

Meanwhile, the series was temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. Made a strong comeback after this series. Lacchu’s marriage took place in an ideal situation of a thousand events. This marriage was very famous. Now another bang twist has come in this series.

Mudiyan called a girl and entered the house. It is known that both are married. But after this incident, Balu took the position that both of them should be thrown out of the house, but when Neelu did not say anything, both of them entered the house. But context shows that the daughter-in-law, aunt, aunt, father and mother-in-law who came are not very comfortable.

When Balu sat down to eat, he threw the food when he came to know that his son and daughter-in-law had also ordered food. There was an argument between the boy and the daughter-in-law regarding this matter. But Balu’s answer was that he should not come to teach manners. Apart from this, when the daughter-in-law overheard Neelu talking rudely to someone about the daughter-in-law’s family on the phone, the daughter-in-law later made it a big trouble. So now mother-in-law problems like seen in Kannir series are going on in Uppum Mulukum series.

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