Have you noticed these things in the movie Jaya Jaya Hai? There are many details here that viewers may have missed

If you ask which is the best movie to hit the theaters this year, there is no doubt that it is Jai Jai Jai Jai starring Basil Joseph and Darshan Rajendran. Everyone is calling this film a slap on the patriarchal society. The film moved to another level when the strong screenplay paired with excellent performances by the lead actors.

At the same time, a section of the audience is coming forward saying that the film is anti-male. Besides this, another section of people asks how a wife can face her husband who comes to beat her for fighting back. The audience says that Darshana’s fight scenes shown at the end of the film are not good. Also, viewers are asking whether Mammootty and Mohanlal’s fight has been appreciated as it is realistic.

Meanwhile, a video related to this film is creating a lot of buzz on social media. Many things of the film which no one noticed are explained in detail in this video. Many people have come forward to praise the person who made the video. How do you watch a film with so much attention, the audience asks.

At the same time, it is a film that calls for strong politics. But politics in this film is not as outspoken as it is in other films. The film talks about politics at a very low level. All political parties and religious sects have been trolled in one way or the other in the film. But the success of the film is that he applauded without knowing that he was being trolled.

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