Have you heard what Aarti’s friends told her about Rob before they fell in love? Robin says that this is why all of Aarti’s friends are her enemies.

Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. He was noticed during the Bigg Boss program. They officially professed their love for a few months. The actor is going to marry a man named Aarti Podhi. Both met during an interview. It is known that there will be an engagement in the next month or February.

On the other hand, after their first interview, Robin says that he tried to find out if Aarti likes him. But many of Aarti’s friends were saying misleading things about Rob. Aarti is not going to watch Bigg Boss. Aarti’s friends said that Dr. Robin is a very poisonous person. But Aarti is not the person to see any of these things.

Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan says that Aarti evaluates a person only after seeing him. After talking to him, Aarti realizes that he is not such a person. Robin says that these decisions have been taken after a lot of thought.

Only after asking Aarti’s consent, the matter related to marriage came to the fore in public. Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan says that he always shouts what he feels is right. Robin Radhakrishnan says that now while choosing people, he will think 100 times instead of three times and will choose people only by being very selective.