Have you heard Vilthi Vedika in Kudumbavilak that she was attracted to her husband for those 2 reasons?

Sharanya Anand is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. They are viewed through the television field. She plays the character of Vedika in the popular serial Kudumba Valak. Even though it was a negative character, the only reason if the audience accepted her with great expectation, is the excellence of actress Sharanya’s performance. Her husband’s name is Manish. He also occasionally appears in several television programs with the actress. Now both are talking openly about their love life. In an interview given to Behind Woods channel, he told all these things openly.

Saranya Anand is now enumerating the reasons why she feels attracted to her husband. Sharanya says that when she saw her husband’s hair, she loved it. That’s how he fell in love with her and her gym body was another reason for his attraction. This is what the actor said.

Whereas Maneesh said that he keeps trying new looks every three months. She said that she had a similar look at the time of marriage as well and many people liked it and she has changed her look twice in between. When the look changed, everyone said to look old.

Sharanya says that hair is her identity. It is said that if his hair changes, he will not even be able to recognize who he is. Manish is one of the shining personalities in the modeling field. Despite being Mr. India, he is everything. Saranya Anand says that all these reasons brought her closer to her husband.

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