Have you heard Manju Pillai’s mother’s necklace was sold to file a divorce case? Viewers now know that the actress had such a history

Manjupilla is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. The actor is equally active in the television and film industry. Her husband Sujit is a connoisseur of tea. He also has a daughter. His daughter’s name is Daya Sujit. Both mother and daughter remain active on social media. Whereas serial star Mukundan was her first husband. Now the actors are telling the story of the divorce of this relationship.

Manju says that the divorce case was filed after he even sold the gold necklace around his mother’s neck. Despite all this, Manju says that she does not feel bad about this now. Manju says that after that incident she bought everything her mother wanted. The actor says that he fulfilled all his mother’s wishes and that is how he reached here.

“There was no money to spend during the divorce. So I had to sell my mother’s gold necklace. Later, mother bought and gave everything she wanted. Once my mother said that she When she wanted to wear coral necklace, she bought it and gave it to her. Later Tulsimala and Rudrakshamala given by KPAC Lalita Chechi were all given to Amma. Now people listening will think that I am keeping account of what I gave to Mother. But Never like this” – says Manju Pillai.

At the same time, viewers are saying that divorce is never the end of life and a new beginning of another life. So the uncles and aunts who came to criticize the actress for getting divorced left there and now viewers are saying that they are crying. Well not many people knew that the actress had such a history and now that the actress has become more active in films, more young audiences are getting to know her and hence we are accepting such news with open arms.

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