Hair like a timid cat, color of cooked ration rice, body like bones – does Kalpana know what difficulties she had to face in her youth?

Kalpana is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor was noticed through comedy roles. Meanwhile, the actor turned to serious roles. The actor played serious characters in the films Spirit and Charlie. Meanwhile, he died untimely. He had a heart attack during the shooting of a film in Hyderabad. Now he is answering a question asked by his sister Kalaranjini. He said these things in an interview program. Kalpana answers the question why she didn’t act as heroine in Malayalam.

“It is because of the words my mother said. Nothing can be created out of nothing. We have to do something about it. Perhaps if I had not worked in the film Peruvannapurte Visheshmanal, I would not have reached the National Award that I got today. He has played different roles in about 100 films. He might not have come looking for it” – says Kalpana.

“I was very rebellious at home. I decided to be a rebel after seeing the beauty of all the girls and boys in the house. They made me look like a Naxalite. She was beautiful. Both sisters have good looks. Brothers also have good looks. But what surprised me was the hair like a cat. The cooked ration was the color of rice. Body like bone. If anyone comes home, my sisters His face will change on seeing this” – says Kalpana.

“Later I started showing hooliganism because they should pay attention to us in front of their beauty. My hands and feet are not useless. Four people will be facing each other. I was very tall” – says Kalpana.

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