Hair catches fire during photoshoot with Nitya Das; Avoiding is a big risk

Actress Nitya Das is all set to make a comeback with the film ‘Pallimani’. After marriage, Nitya stayed away from cinema. At present, Nithya is appearing as a judge in television shows. Therefore, the star has many fans.

The news of averting a big disaster is now coming to the fore. Nithya Das was in Koduvalli to inaugurate a beauty parlour. After the inauguration everyone was busy getting to know Nitya and taking selfies and photos.

Meanwhile, the hair of women who came to take photographs with Nitya got burnt. Women took selfie first. After that, while taking photographs, the hair caught fire from the candle burning behind.

Nitya saw this as soon as the fire started burning well. Other people also saw when the actress screamed in fear and ran away. There was no major accident due to the sudden closure. It was a matter of gratitude that the sari did not catch fire. Nitya Das later says in the video that she suddenly got scared.

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