Had Baiju heard about his own father – the one who destroyed all happiness and peace? If the audience would know what his father did, he would understand that what he said was true.

Baiju is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He has been quite active in Malayalam cinema for the past few decades. But in the meantime he had lagged behind but now he has made a strong comeback. In many films that are coming out now, he is playing small and big characters.

Now he is paying attention to his words about his father. He says that his father is a man who destroyed every friend and peace in his life by drinking. Baiju says maybe if he had not destroyed anything, today you would have friends worth 200 crores. Baiju’s words are now being seen on social media.

“I inherited my mother’s qualities. They were home to thugs. Her name was Thankamma. But mother is no more. Father’s name was Bhaskaran Nair. He passed away in 1989. He was 63 years old at the time of death . Death occurred due to hand injury. The incident was drinking. His mother died at the age of 86. I hold on to my mother’s life. There is nothing to live for so long. 75 years old Enough to live a long life” – says Baiju.

“Father took everything and threw it away. We had lots of property. It is not a difficult task. Everything was a gift. All this has been done by many businessmen. And thus everything was destroyed. If all those places were there now, there would have been assets worth at least 200 crores. There is no anger towards the father. Because now there is no point in getting angry” – says Baiju.

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