Had an affair in college and is now in love with another girl; priceless

Anmol is the favorite star of Malayalees. Atmaram appears in serials as well as reality shows. Recently the news of Star’s marriage came to the fore, but Anu herself replied that marriage will not happen now. The actor said he wants to fall in love and get married, but no one is proposing as of now. But Anu now says that she regularly received letters written in blood.

It is not known whether it was written in blood or not. Someone used to message on Facebook that I love you and miss you. The message contains a picture of a piece of paper written in blood. I said that I cannot live without Anu and I will come to Anu’s house. Puli’s profile only had a name. There was always a change in the message. Every picture was dated. and then i was blocked

Once that person came home with a gift, at that time we were not at home and an aunty near the house told us about that person.

Meanwhile Anu said that he has no time to fall in love and no one is proposing. I had a crush during studies but also realized that it was better to have me as a friend. The boy is now in love with another girl. Anu says we are still friends.