Had a bad experience with that Malayalam superstar – did you hear Shakeela? Though the actor’s name was not mentioned, but the onlookers said that we have caught the person

Shakeela is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He was once one of the stars of Malayalam cinema. He was very active not only in Malayalam cinema but also in foreign languages. You can literally call her a lady superstar if you want. He is one of those rare Malayalam actors who is known all over India. In other words, as they call the Pan Indian Star today.

Meanwhile, recently the actress was called as the chief guest at a festival event in a temple. This program was organized on the occasion of Shivratri. A large number of people reached the spot to congratulate the members of the temple committee. A section of people said that this is a very good sign of change on the part of the temple committee members. Also many people have come forward criticizing the temple committee members, but since people don’t pay a single penny for these things, no one here pays for their opinion.

On the other hand, the things that the actor recently said in an interview on the YouTube channel named Peacock Stone Makers, are now in discussion. The actor talks about a bad experience he faced in the film industry. The actor says he got this bad experience directly from a superstar of Malayalam cinema. But Shakeela was not ready to name the actor.

“The incident took place in the year 2011. That day a program was going on in Kochi. I have come to participate in this. But one superstar did not like my participation in that event. I was bullied a lot” – says Shakeela. While the name of the actor has not been revealed, fans of one of the actors are saying that we understand who the person is.

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