Great movie experience, all the actors were good but I liked them the most; Jude says looking at Malikappuram

Malikappuram is a new film which has hit the theaters with Unni Mukundan in the lead role. Directed by debutant Vishnu Shashi Shankar, the film has been garnering accolades ever since its release. From film to political personalities also came to praise the film.

Many directors and stars of Malayalam cinema came to praise the film and Unni Mukundan. Now after watching the film, director Jude Antony has praised it.

Saw Malikapuram. Judd wrote on social media that it was a great film experience. Brilliant script by Abhilash Pillai, brilliant debut by director Vishnu Sasi Shankar. Judd also said that all the actors were good, but his favorites were Devanand and Unni who played the role of Kallu.

Jude’s social media post reads –

Saw Malikapuram. Great movie experience. Excellent screenplay by Abhilash Pillai, excellent debut by director Vishnu Sasi Shankar. All the actors were good but I liked Devanand and Unni who played Kallu the most. Congratulations to Venu Sir, Priya Chechi, Anto Chetan, Neeta Chechi and the entire team of Malikappuram.

Malikappuram, on the other hand, tells the story of an eight-year-old girl named Kalyani and her superhero Ayyappan. Malikappuram director Vishnu Sasi Shankar is the son of director Sasi Shankar, who made films like Narayam, Kunhikoonan and Mr. Butler.

The film also stars Saiju Kurup, Indrans, Manoj K Jayan, Ramesh Pisharti, Sampath Ram, Devanand and Shripad in other important roles. After Patham Vallav, Night Drive and Kadavar, ‘Malikappuram’ is another film written by Abhilash Pillai that caught the attention of the audience. The film is produced by Priya Venu and Neeta Pinto under the banner of Kavya Film Company and N Mega Media.

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