Grace was said to not have the looks and glamor of a heroine, so she played a character role in the film

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‘He said that Grace doesn’t have the looks and glamor of a heroine, so she played a character role in that film’

Actress Grace Antony shares her first audition experience. Grace said she was asked to sing at the audition in the big hall and she sang with great disgust when everyone else sang well. In an interview to Dhanya Verma, Grace said that she was selected from the audition for the heroine, but was called for the character role.

‘The audition was in a big hall. There were about fifty children. Everyone has come with their parents. The script of the scene to be performed was given. To sing and act. Everyone is trying to sing well. I realized that after going there and singing a good song, it would not be good. Something needs to be done differently. Don’t know how this thought came to my mind at such a young age.

My father is enjoying everything. Their parents are happy to see all the children singing well. There is no smile anywhere. I sang in disgust. Everyone started laughing. From here I started feeling a little bit that I can do comedy and if I do comedy then people will laugh.

He asked me to sing another song. No one else was asked, only me. sang again. There was also a lot of hatred for this. After that he went back.

It was an audition for heroine. Two weeks later, he called me and said that he had been selected. I felt that I have become the heroine, actress of a film. She said that Grace does not have the looks, glamor and physique to be a heroine, so it is a character role. It hurt me to hear it then, but it doesn’t matter to me now. I said okay brother no problem, I will come and take action. We are talking about the movie Happy Wedding. So acted in it. And I haven’t looked back,’ Grace said.

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