Good Time – Omar Lulu Case Breakthrough, Audience Says It’s A Good Twist

Omar Lulu is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He has directed several films to celebrate the youth. His first film was Happy Wedding. Siju Wilson played the central role in the film. Saubin Shahir played another central character in the film. The film was a sleeper hit. After this he directed many films, but all of them were fiercely criticized.

On the other hand, the latest film directed by him is Good Time. The film hit the theaters recently. Complaints have been filed against the film, which has been shown to promote the deadly drug MDMA. But Umar Lulu said the other day that Allah has filed a case against the film and only against the trailer of the film. Not only this, Oman is asking whether a case is being registered against the trailer which was seen by around 2.2 million people after its release last month.

Meanwhile, Umar Lulu says that he has now received a notice from the excise office. He has given the caption of this film as Good Time. At the same time, the viewers say that Omar Lulu is currently doing the program Veeneetam Vidya Aakku. Viewers say that he is trying to attract people towards the film by using negative publicity.

The film which released on the same day and a day before is getting very good reviews from the theatres. Those who have seen it say that the film has everything for the youth to celebrate. Viewers are saying that since it is a very short film, there is no major delay and it is a film that can be watched by family audience and youth alike.

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