Glad when that Tovino picture broke eight stories: Veena’s words went viral

Veena Nair is well known among Malayalees. Miniscreen Audience Favorite. Now Veena is openly talking about the missed opportunity of a film. The actor was speaking in an interview to Kaumudi Movies. Veena says that there is a question whether there is any film which has been missed after waiting and it is Tovino Thomas’s film.

‘Such an incident has happened. Tovino is a movie. The date is fifteen days. I blocked the date for fifteen days. It is sitting in the middle with no opening. What is your budget when asked for salary? Because the reward cannot be said in the present situation. In that the friend said tell your budget, no problem. Everything has been said and talked about. I didn’t get any call even after the date they told. My friends were also there. They are getting ready to leave.

When I called and asked about our date, I was told that the screenwriter’s acquaintance had a girl and said she should do the role. OK, but wasn’t it polite of you to call. I asked if I have blocked all that data. Also he said sorry’, says Veena.

Veena says that the film released later and it broke eight stories. Veena jokingly says that she is happy with it. The actor says that it has been fifteen days of his work. The actor also talks about meeting and talking to the producer of that film on another occasion.

‘Later when I went for treatment, I met its producer and his family. I went to him and talked to him. Said that I was called for one of your projects. But later he said that he has changed. I was about to ask for the same when the producer asked me back that he had heard that Veena had asked for a very good salary. The producer said that he had asked for 5 lakhs for the 10-day shoot. He also said that he was told by the production controller. But I informed him that it was not what he told him. “Many such incidents happen behind the scenes without our knowledge,” says Veena.

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