Gauri Krishna shares the good news after marriage

A lot has been said about actress Gauri Krishna in a series called Pournami Thingal. This star of the serial was in a strong female role. Gauri, who is active on social media, also gives her feedback on social issues. Gauri is married to Manoj, the director of the series. He got married recently. Wedding photos and videos are going viral on social media. The actor also responded to the criticism leveled at him after his marriage.

Actress Gauri Krishnan married the director of her first serial. Gauri told everything about how their friendship turned into love. Gauri has now come up with a video of Day in My Life after marriage.

Both said that they should come together. Sir is not here today, he is on shoot, come after a few days. I am at my home now. I have been here for a few days. There’s a lot to learn. study leave. As my house is being built in Trivandrum, my father and mother have gone there. The actress says that Onion is her partner.

In the video, Gauri revealed that she has an eye problem and drinks carrot juice daily. The actor also says that the doctor said that carrot juice is good. Gauri said that her hair was falling a lot and she got rid of it.

Gowri had said that she was going to Puthupalli church in the evening. This is the most beautiful place in Kottayam. If you come here and pray, it will happen. Terrible power. Gauri says I have said two wishes here and both are fulfilled.

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