Ganga showing Nagavalli’s ornaments; When Navya saw those photos

Actress Navya Nair remains very active in film and social media. The actress is giving more importance to dance in her second appearance. Meanwhile, the actor started his own dance school. Navya has already danced at many venues. Now a video shared by the actor through Instagram is going viral.

Navya is showing her childhood pictures to her fans one by one. A photographer attending an inaugural event in Alappuzha presented photographs to Navya. In the video, the actress says that the pictures might have been given by her father and mother for their wedding decoration programme.

Navya’s video was shot by television anchor Mathukutty. Navya seems very excited every time to click pictures and show them to the audience. Many people have commented below the new video. Meanwhile, some people commented that Navya’s pictures look like Nagavalli flaunting her jewelry in the movie Manichitrathar.

Mathukutty comments on the video showing the jewelery of Ganga Nair Nagavalli.

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