“Friends, Idea Shaji shocked..”; Lalu Alex shares pain of Brazil defeat

Yesterday’s defeat was a huge disappointment for Brazil fans around the world. Neymar’s Brazil was the most likely team to win the World Cup. But the Canaries lost to Croatia in the quarterfinals. Many fans shared the pain of Brazil’s defeat on social media.

Now after Brazil’s defeat, a picture shared by actor Lalu Alex is going viral on social media. “Guys, Idea Shaji has got a shock. Brazil lost, it hurts a lot. The character of Lalu Alex in Gold was named Idea Shaji.

And in yesterday’s quarter-final, Brazil took the first lead in extra time, but Croatia struck back at the right time. Brazil’s World Cup hopes ended in the penalty shootout. Both the teams failed to score in the first and second half of the match. Brazil finally took the lead in the first half of extra time thanks to a superb Neymar goal. But the joy of the Canaries was short-lived. Croatia hit back through Bruno Petkovic. Brazil lost their footing in the long match in the penalty shootout.

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The remaining matches of the quarter-finals will be played today. In the third quarter, Morocco take on Portugal at 8.30 pm, while England take on world champions France at 12.30 pm. Today fans are waiting for tremendous fights.

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