Freedom of expression is confined to the saffron parchments of gangs; Harish laughed

The incident of vandalism in the establishment of a person who shared a social media post praising Unni Mukundan’s film ‘Malikappuram’ was in the headlines. Actor Harish Paradi has now reacted to this incident. Harish Peradi’s response was that he did not see any progressives reacting against it.

“Our freedom to innovate is limited to the saffron color of the unions of North India… When a man was burnt to death in Kerala for praising a Malayalam film, all progressive Leftists went on silent fast for Banana Pagal Do Huh.” Din… you are not a communist… just a jungle of losses…’ Harish wrote.

Two days ago, the shop of a local CPI leader was torched after he posted a post praising the Malikappuram film. Leader of youth art literature and local correspondent of Jana Yugam C. Pragilesh’s crossing was the one that caught fire.

After watching the film on Friday, CPI activist and Yuva Kalasathi Ponnani Mandal secretary C. Pragilesh shared the poster of the film with the caption ‘Siniman Nalla Ontantaram Cinema: Malikappuram’. After this the boat was set on fire.

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