Fraud by saying that she will be given a role with Rajinikanth in ‘Jail’: Young actress lost lakhs

Mumbai: Police have registered a case against those who extorted money from a young actress on the pretext of giving her a chance to act in superstar Rajinikanth starrer ‘Jailor’. Mumbai’s model and actress Sana Suri became a victim of fraud. The gang also recovered eight and a half lakh rupees from the actress. Police have registered a case against Piyush Jain and Sameer Jain on Sana’s Tahrir.

In the complaint filed by Sana Suri, it is stated that he approached her claiming to be the casting director and later came to know that she was cheating. Accused Piyush Jain and Sameer Jain had contacted Sana through social media in July last year.

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Rajinikanth has a good role in the jailer and he asks him to dress up for the audition and send a photo of himself as a policeman for him. As per his request, Sana remitted an amount of Rs.

Sana Suri also shared the poster given by the fraudsters with Rajinikanth on social media. Sana also revealed that he is playing the role of a policeman in the film. The jailer’s co-director sees the poster and contacts Sanna to tell him it is a fake. This is how Sana realized that she was being framed. Then a complaint was lodged with the police.

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