Forgetting everything, actress Meena is ready to make a strong comeback; greetings fans

Meena is an actress who has worked in many films. This actor is still in the acting field. Actress Meena was able to work with top directors as well as stars. In Malayalam, Meena played several roles opposite Mohanlal. The actor also appeared in Drishyam 2 alongside Mohanlal. Meenak lost the dearest person in his life at a time when he was shining in acting.

Actress Meena’s husband Vidyasagar passed away recently. Meena was mentally exhausted by the separation from her husband. Meena had told all about the people standing with her during this period. The actress had said that it is only in times of crisis that we realize how strong we are.

Meena is now active in acting again. Meena has been sharing pictures from the shoot and a lot more on social media.

Meena has recently shared a video of herself doing makeup before acting. Many people come to wish the actress. Earlier there were rumors that the actress is getting ready for a second marriage. But the actress rubbished the rumors and said that her privacy should be respected and that her grief over her husband’s death still hasn’t changed.

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