Forced to sit in a car in the middle of the night and left on the road, I cried from that road at three in the morning; The director talks to Mammootty about his experience

Mammootty is the megastar of Malayalam. There are rumors in the film industry that Mammootty is very angry. But film industry people say that the anger will go away very soon.

Now Paulson, who has worked as an associate director and later as an independent director in several Malayalam cinema films, is attracting people’s attention about Mammootty.

He talks about his relationship with Mamuka and the problems he has faced. In an interview with the YouTube channel Master Bin, Paulson opened up about his thoughts.

The shooting of 1000 Shivaratri was the last day at Manivathur. Mammootty is starting to return from Ooty. mammooty before leaving
Mammootty told director Fazil that I am going to Thiruvananthapuram and I want to leave Kutin Paulson.

Fazil came to me and said. I was doing some other work at that time.

I heard and said I can’t go and there are so many things here that I have brought for the shoot and I have to pack them all and take them back. Then Fazil said that I will leave it in the car and take it with Mammootty.

But I didn’t want to go with Mamuka that day. So I said I am not going. Mamuka was listening to this. Mamuka came and told me. Come with me till I take her home.

So, as requested by Mamuka, he got into the car and started the journey. There were only two of us in the car and its driver. Mammootty was telling the story of the film during the visit.

I also said my point. The love marriage story also told that she is not the owner of the house and lives on rent. He was saddened to hear this.

Later he said that he will give me dates for five films and for that I will give him twenty five thousand rupees per film and then he will sell those dates and buy his house.

After listening to what Mamuka said, I asked him if the film flopped, I would be left with no money. she does not like it. Got angry with me, finally got out of the car and left.

It was three in the morning and I cried. Paulson says that I stood on the road thinking that when the next car pulls up with cash in my hand, I can get in.

But after some time he came back at the same speed at which he had walked. Paulson also said that he forcibly grabbed me and dragged me into the car. He said that later he took her to his home and gave her food. Paulson said that Mamuka would be quick-tempered and leave quickly.