For the story to be true, the audience must believe in the soul and reincarnation; Actor Thambi Antony reviews the film Mayakam in the morning

Mammootty-Lizzo Jose Pellissery paired opposite Nanakkal Nereth Mayakkam. The film was to critical acclaim from both the audience and critics.

Now actor and producer Thambi Antony has come to praise the film.

Thambi Antony says about Nanpakal that if there is no question in the story then it is a film to watch.

Thambi Antony said that Mammootty has acted beautifully as James without any exaggeration. Thambi Antony’s words were through a social media post.

Nanpakalnerthu Mayakam (Anand) New Movie on Netflix.

A picture that can be seen if there is no question in the story. Of course, you don’t need to ask how beautiful James will be when he wakes up.

When James and his friends who were on their way back to Velankanni, James wakes up from his sleep and gets off the bus gracefully.

James, who lives beautifully in a small village in Tamil Nadu, cannot even recognize his wife and son who have come with him. So the friends decide to put Sundaram back to sleep, who doesn’t recognize anyone. before that in the village

He’s asleep and he’s awake, but depersonalization happens only when he sleeps during the day. Anyway, when he wakes up, he continues his journey with them again as James.

It would have been a bit more comical if Sundarat had been given sleeping pills and everyone had been taken and made to sit in a bus. As an audience member, I thought it would have been better if it was James who listened to all the songs on the bus.

Both the characters are played by Mammootty without any exaggeration. Anyway, the climax is anybody’s guess and that is a drawback.

If you want to believe the story is true, then the audience must also believe in the soul and reincarnation. I don’t know how many people will watch this movie. If you forget all that, Liju Jose Pellissery’s film is also as fresh as his previous films.

Mammootty has “Nanapalnerthu Mayakam” under the company’s banner. Mamuka and Lijo Jose Pallissery, who decided to make a common man’s film with a novel story and character, are in the cast of the film.

Congratulations to all who worked.

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