Five years in jail for children watching Hollywood movies; Parents can also be sent to a labor camp for six months – a strange law in North Korea

Seoul: North Korea is a country with strange laws. Now North Korea has come up with another strange law. North Korea has come up with a law under which parents can be jailed if their children watch Hollywood movies or series.

The old rule in North Korea was to give parents a dire warning if their kids watched foreign movies or anything. This is changing now. Under the new law, parents of children caught watching foreign films or TV programs will be sent to labor camps for six months and children will be jailed for five years.

The North Korean regime led by Kim Jong Un has decided that watching Hollywood movies and the like is tantamount to slavery to Western culture and therefore should show no mercy to parents of children who do so.

Also, bringing Hollywood movies and similar films into North Korea is a crime punishable by death. Last year, two high school students were sentenced to death for watching South Korean and American films.

Two teenagers were killed at the city’s airfield in front of the locals. As such, the viewing and distribution of South Korean films and series is strictly prohibited in North Korea.

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