First step for rider Manju; Now you can ride a bike with a license

Manju Warrier has obtained the license to ride a bike. The actress attended the trial under Ernakulam Kakkanad RT office. Manju’s picture on a bike ride with Ajit is viral on social media. The pre-release promotion of ‘Thunivi’, where the two were together, was also huge. In an interview related to the promotion of the film, he also said that he is planning to take up bike riding seriously. Fans consider this achievement a first step.

Manju Warrier secures license amid crowd for film ‘Aisha’, which is slated to release on January 20. The actress is at the promotional events of the film. The film is releasing in 6 languages ‚Äč‚Äčapart from Malayalam. Ayesha’s trailer made a lot of headlines. The film tells the story of Gaddama, a domestic worker in the Bay Area. Manju Warrier is playing the central character of Ayesha.

At the same time, the global collection of clothes is crossing 100 crores. The action film directed by H Vinod released on 11 January. Manju’s action packed performance and her role as Kanmani was noticed. The film also stars Veera, Samudharkani, John Cocaine and Telugu actor Ajay in key roles.

Story Highlights: Manju Warrier gets bike riding license

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