First Mahalakshmi Srinivasan, then Mohini, now Christina – the star who changed not only her name but also her religion

Mohini is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. On hearing this name, Malayalam people think of a girl with cat eyes. She was once a heroine who rocked Kerala. He started acting in Tamil cinema but later shifted to Malayalam.

Later, after marriage, he left film acting. The actor moved to the US in 2010. The actress currently resides there with her husband and children. The actress converted to Christianity in 2013 and changed her name to Christina. Now the star is telling why he accepted Christianity.

“After marriage, I was physically and mentally ill. Life itself was an exhausting time. There were many disappointments. I saw many doctors but there was no solution. I had a lot of negative thoughts in my mind and it was Christian worship and the gospel that got me out of it. So I converted to that religion” – says Mohini.

“Now working for the welfare of people suffering from various difficulties and miseries. Now when I have time I do all this. Prayers are also offered for those who are suffering from mental stress and have no dependents. Life is moving ahead with great satisfaction. Husband is an IT professional” – said Mohini.