Financial allegation against EP Jayarajan; MA Baby is not aware of this controversy

CPIM politburo member MA Baby has responded to the financial allegation against LDF organizer EP Jayarajan. I am not aware of the issue as I have not participated in the state committee. Some know what they say. MA Baby said in Alappuzha that he does not think there is any substance in the current controversy and hopes that the media that reported it will correct the mistake.

P. Jayarajan raised this allegation in the state committee meeting two days ago in the name of Ayurvedic Resort in Kannur district. P. Jayarajan alleged that EP Jayarajan’s wife and son are members of the board of directors of the resort. P. Jayarajan made this allegation while discussing the document on urgent duties to prevent the party leaders from taking the wrong path.

This is the first time in recent times that a prominent leader from Kannur has leveled a serious allegation against a senior leader who is a member of the central committee and LDF convener.

Story Highlights: MA Baby’s reaction to allegations against EB Jayarajan

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