Film Academy President Ranjith said that Ganesh’s comment should not have been made.

Thiruvananthapuram: Chairman Ranjith responded to former minister, actor and MLA KB Ganesh Kumar’s criticism that the Kerala Film Academy has turned into an office for organizing festivals and giving film awards. Ranjit replied that Ganesh’s comment should not have been made. He says that someone might have misled Ganesha.

Ganesha can be ignorant or can be misled by someone. Ranjith also said that he may go to the Academy office to see things directly. In addition, the President explains fifteen things the Academy does in the newsletter.

During a discussion on cinema at the Vidhan Sabha Book Fair yesterday, Ganesh Kumar, who is also a former film minister, criticized the Film Academy. The work of the Academy should help in understanding cinema and learning the lessons of cinema. Ganesh Kumar also said that cinema should remain the center of learning and research for the next generation.