Father had a habit of drinking and some people took advantage of it.. Accidental death: Subi Suresh

Actress and presenter Subi Suresh talks about her father. His mother and father got divorced when he was twenty years old. Many people tried to take advantage of his father who had a habit of drinking. Subi has openly stated that this is how his father left.

Mother and father have a love marriage. But by the time he was twenty, his father separated. But never say that it was not Papa’s fault. My father had the habit of drinking alcohol. Some encouraged it to take advantage of it.

They don’t say who they are. Then there was some inclination towards it. That’s how you decide to break up. They broke up, but they broke up in a good way. not beaten My father used to call and see me.

He gave gifts when he went to the Gulf. He had a sudden death. His head exploded and he fell. The message comes that he died when he came from Jordan and landed in Kochi. Father had brought a garland.

It was given. When he went to see his father’s dead body, there was no trouble in the house. He didn’t have much connection with us. Some people took my father’s lifestyle for granted.

He and his brother came to the conclusion that the mother wanted to remarry. Subi Suresh Flowers said on the 1 Crore Show that current stepfathers come one to three years after their fathers leave.

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