fatal changes in comedy; Gunda Binu trolls create panic on social media

fatal changes in comedy; Gunda Binu trolls create panic on social media

Kappa, directed by Shaji Kailas and starring Prithviraj, hits the theaters on December 22. The film tells the story of a fight between Citation gangs in the backdrop of Thiruvananthapuram. Kappa OTT was released on 19 January.

The most talked about character on social media after the OTT release is Binu played by Anna Ben. Ana Ben is the leader of the Quotation gang in the film. But there was criticism at the time of release that Anna Ben was not able to bring the impact that the character required. Viewers said that the dialogues in the climax did not get the desired mass.

After reaching OTT, there is a lot of trollers on Binu’s character. Many trolls come regarding Binua’s transformation and Pramila’s conversation.

Anna, who did well in the beginning, had limits till the end. The name of this character, Binu, who is not a gang leader himself, is now becoming a subject of ridicule on social media. The twist in the climax was good but the dialogue between Pramila and Binu was criticized for not giving enough impact or wow factor.

Aparna Balumurali’s Pramila was also criticized. It didn’t even come at those places where the audience should feel wow. Viewers said that several scenes that were meant to be exciting were chilling.

Jagdish, Dilish Pothan, Asif Ali and Nandu also appeared as lead characters in the film.

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