Exercising in the backyard by day, grilling and chilling by night; Is Jayan’s gang still alive?

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Exercising in the backyard by day, grilling and chilling by night; Is Jayan’s gang still alive?

Kappa is a Malayalam action film directed by director Shaji Kailas starring Prithviraj. Prithviraj played the role of Kota Madhu in the film which told the story of gangsters against the backdrop of Thiruvananthapuram. He is the gangster leader who reigns supreme in Thiruvananthapuram. Thanedar and political parties will come under the influence of Madhu.

Madhu is always accompanied by a gangster who does not hesitate to kill. Apart from this, there is Jagdish’s Jabbarika as a right-handed batsman. But this quote group was introduced in older models. Kappa has a scene where Kotta Madhu’s house is shown for the first time. When this scene is shown, it will not be surprising if the audience is transported to the time of Jayan. Madhu’s house and background are in the same setup.

During the day, the gangsters exercise using equipment including dumbbells, and at night, it’s totally chill with chicken grilling and drinking. This time Kota Madhu will be watching all this while drinking alcohol in serious mode from the terrace. Looking at this scene, the audience may think that Malayalam cinema still has Immadiri Jaggu Bhai type setup.

One such outdated model was also seen in the fight scene. It is also reiterated in Kappa that the hero comes at the right time and conducts a mass dialogue and struggles when the common people, the natives or the loved ones of the hero are in distress.

There is a pattern in such scenes. An argument breaks out between the hero’s people and the villain’s people. The hero’s people fall prey to the villain or the villain’s people. As they stand helplessly, the hero enters. Then there are four collective dialogues. Meanwhile, one of the villains beats up the hero’s partner. Instead the hero beats up the entire gang of villains, ending the problem. The scene where Kappa takes away the soil is one such scene. The scene looks like a repeat of Mohanlal’s entry in Narasimha when the villains throw Kanak out of his house.

Prithviraj’s performance as Kotamdhu was excellent. Prithviraj had two getups in the film Madhu’s past and present.

Madhu is not happy despite her family, who love her more than life itself, gangsters who are ready for anything, political parties and the police station. Many past mistakes haunt them. He was tired of a life that smelled of blood. He keeps that mental distress and anxiety hidden. Prithviraj beautifully depicts the complicated situation that Madhu is going through.

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