Everyone said they would not allow a Jayan tragedy to be repeated, but Llayton did just that; Rupesh Peethambaran talks about his experience in the film Sphatikam, fans are left in awe

Sphatikam is one of the biggest hits of Mohanlal till date. The film Speethikam, directed by Bhadran, was released on 30 March 1995.

Now after 28 years, Sphatikam is coming to the theatres. The film will hit the theaters on February 9 as a re-release.

The audience is waiting for the re-release of this film. Meanwhile, Rupesh Peethambaran, who plays Mohanlal’s youth in the film, shares his experience with Mohanlal while acting in the film Sphatikam.

In an interview to Kaumudi Movies, Rupesh shared his experiences in the film Sphatikam.

Rupesh talked about the risk involved in shooting the scene where the lorry is set on fire.

‘The scene where the lorry catches fire was shot at Paramada in Palakkad.’ After the new lorry was brought from the showroom, its engine was removed. The entire bench is filled with petrol bombs and placed outside in a large diversion. Lalithan is sitting in the car. The car moved forward only when people pushed from behind.

Everyone including Tilakan uncle was on the set. That day, everyone saw that the car was filled with petrol bombs and said that we cannot shoot Mohanlal sitting in it.’

‘Cause everyone said that a Jayan tragedy would not be allowed to repeat. Everyone objected to Mohanlal risking his life to shoot that scene. Then Bhadran asked a question to Uncle Lal.

Can you do this Lala? Lalit immediately said ok. Then sat in the car.

A lorry laden with petrol bombs is on fire from one side. Laleton is still driving the vehicle. Everyone is looking at Uncle Bhadran. He said jump, Laleton jumped.’

When the time was right, uncle Bhadran said jump and Lalithan jumped. But the lorry did not explode. After twenty seconds the lorry exploded. That scene was shot with five cameras. Rupesh also said because it was such an expensive shot.

Rupesh said that there is no one to take risky shots after Laleton. The scene where Lori jumps off the elephant was shot twelve times for perfection.

Lalithan’s leg was fractured. The shooting took place after two-three months. Even if he gets injured, Laleton won’t make it a big deal. Lalettan never says never. Rupesh said that whatever scenes can be done, he will do it.

On hearing the words of Rupesh Pitambaran, the audience gets scared. Fans are asking whether he took such a risk to shoot that scene.

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