Eventually that happiness reached KB Ganesh Kumar; congratulations on social media

KB Ganesh Kumar is the favorite MLA and actor of Malayalees. Ganesh Kumar, who has many fans as an actor and a legislator, has found a new happiness.

KB Ganesh Kumar got UAE’s golden visa Earlier, Ganesh Kumar got visa through ECH Digital, where many filmmakers including Malayalam did paperwork for golden visa.

He arrived with his wife Bindu at a function held at the office of ECH Digital and received an Emirates ID along with a visa from CEO Iqbal Marconi.

After getting the visa, Ganesh Kumar said that he is dedicating his golden visa to Malayalees abroad. I see it as recognition given by the UAE government as an artist and a public servant.

Ganesh Kumar said that all expatriate Malayalees feel that they have been accepted by it.Golden visas are granted by the UAE government to investors and businessmen who have excelled in various fields.

These visas are valid for 10 years and can be renewed upon expiry.

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