Even the son doesn’t know that his mother is such a big star, Lalithan asks do you know who your mother is, then Anju’s son comes to know the truth – story goes like this

Angu is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. She was once one of the stars who filled Malayalam cinema, but in the meantime she took a break from cinema. Now Five is preparing to make a strong comeback through the television sector. Now he has appeared as a guest in Amrita TV’s program Red Carpet. In the program, the actor also spoke about his son. The actress says that she is a single mother and she is proud of it.

“My family has supported me a lot. My father and mother gave me the biggest support. He was the one who took care of my son while I went to work. Without them I would not have been able to fulfill this dream. At the same time, the actor says that his son now has more responsibility and support than him. He will tell you how to act. He said it was his responsibility to take care of me” – says the actor.

The son’s name is Arjun. He is a big fan of football. It was because of Lalleton that my son realized that earlier I was a big star in cinema. Once had dinner at Radisson Blu restaurant. Laletan was also there. When I saw him, I went and stood there. He suddenly saw me and came to me and asked what is here. So I introduced my son to Lalton” – says Anchu.

“Do you know how big your mother is?” Lalithan asked. Lalithan told her that you should find out her acting and dedication when she was young. Lalithan was very proud of me. It made me very proud. When I used to show my son the films she had acted in, he would get up and walk away uninterested. When Lalita said this she asked me, “Was mother such a big person?” Five pairs.

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