Even if you are not there to hear the call, you still want to call out loud… papa… maa…: Harish Peradi with an emotional note

Actor Harish Paradi remains active on social media. The actor shared a heartwarming note about his father who went missing thirty-four years ago. ‘You can’t remember your father without talking about your mother. Only when I found my mother’s diary after my mother left, I realized that in these 11 years without my father and about unanswered and answered questions in the family, my mother had written letters to my father, ‘Harish Peradi says.

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On 21st January it’s been 34 years since my father left… and after 11 years my mother left… I don’t remember my father without talking about my mother… I realized that my mother sent me a letter Wrote dad about unanswered issues and resolved issues in the family without talking about mom in these 11 years. These are the lines written just before my marriage..it goes something like this..” Hari shows him the photo of the girl he likes..I didn’t go to see..said Aryalenta kofi hai to see when she Here she comes”..yes name not asked…caste not asked…she lit the candle and took Bindu with her…to hear the call..even if you are not there I want to call loudly…Papa… Mother…