Even if Prithvi sews a shirt from my old saree, but…: Mallika Sukumaran

Mallika Sukumaran opens up about her son Prithviraj’s choice. Mallika says that her passion for cars is indescribable.

Mallika’s talk

Prithviraj likes cars, shoes and watches the most. I will cut and stitch my old saree and wear a shirt. Just drive Supriya mad. This will happen without his knowing. But he buys his own cars, shoes and watches with a bit of craziness. Prithviraj is like this.

Prithvi was my car when I was going to the cinema. My car is oplaza that day. After leaving Sukuwetan, I didn’t need to carry the old Benz and Maruti.

I will buy another car by paying petrol. The number of that train was 5555. The Audi car that Prithvi later bought also had the same number.

Mallika Sukumaran and Prithviraj starrer Gold was recently released. Both played the role of mother and son in the film. Kappa is Prithviraj’s last film. The film was directed by Shaji Kailas. Written by GR Indugopan, the film also starred Asif Ali, Aparna Balamurali and Anna Ben in lead roles. Prithvi has many films in line.

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